Writing Post-Partum by Darrah Teitel

I have this memory that I can’t shake. It is from a time of rebellion. I was in university, a baby feminist, aspiring playwright and general know-it-all. I was listening to Tori Amos’s latest album, Scarlet’s Walk, written post-partum. It stank, I declared to my roommate. Tori had lost her edge. She was writing about […]

Why I Teach Brand-New CanLit by Natalee Caple

    This year, Natalee will teach Sharanpal Ruprai’s “Seva” and Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer’s “All The Broken Things.” I have my dream job. I write, review and teach Canadian literature and creative writing. When I think about why I am so happy teaching new CanLit I recall when, a few years back, my friend, writer Andrew […]

Liberating the Book by Bryan Demchinsky

Get ready for it – the next big thing in the digital revolution is nearly upon us. It’s called social reading and it will change the way books are produced and consumed. So says digital publishing guru Bob Stein, someone with the cred to know what he’s talking about. Stein played a role in creating […]

Trading Places with Yourself by Sean Michaels

For as long as I can remember I’ve been telling musicians, “I’m a fiction writer.” And for just as many years I’ve been telling other writers, “I’m a music critic.” As a writer, it’s not unusual to cultivate a handful of different identities but it feels strange when these identities begin to reorganize themselves. I […]

A Tale of Two Meetings by Lori Schubert

Two hundred and fifty buzzing literati from across Canada—writers, storytellers, translators, booksellers, publishers, and directors of literary organizations—settled in at tables of ten in an underground conference room at the McGill New Residence. Around the perimeter were the impresarios of this unprecedented two-day extravaganza: the team from the Canada Council for the Arts. The ambitious […]